Steve Counsell - Autotrail Owners Club Chairman from May 12th 2019I am a motivational speaker and most of all, a teacher. I love to share knowledge whenever possible and have delivered training sessions for Hove Business Association, Worthing Chamber of Commerce, and for my own clients, in subjects ranging from Effective use of Social Media, Website Building, Digital Marketing, and Video Blog Production.

Following some significant changes in my life and as I approach my mid-60’s,  I am now reviewing my business performance over the last 40 years and the many failures which lead me to where I am today.

In 2016, I was faced with a personal and business decision that lead to semi-retirement. It is this huge change in circumstances that has provided me with the opportunity to consider the nature of success and failure in life and in business and how a change in perspective can change ones approach to both success and failure. I now spend much of my time travelling around the UK and Europe with Wendy, my wife, and our little dog, Pippin.