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Why is there a need for each end every one of us to claim our rights? This is a question that has come to the forefront of my mind over the last few years and especially so in the period of 2020 to 2022; its also a question I am asked frequently by those who assume that our Governments can be trusted to do the right thing. Like most people, we live a fairly quiet life and have taken the opportunity in 2016 to start to travel and see more of the World and to meet many interesting people along the way as we roamed around France, Germany and Spain, taking full advantage of the very low-cost and sometimes no-cost Aires especially in the lovely French and Spanish villages as we ventured south following the winter sun.


We sold everything we owned somewhere around late 2016 and decided that we would make our home in a caravan and tour around the UK. After a while, we were really bitten by the travel bug and wanted to venture further afield into Europe and indeed as far as Sweden where our son, his wife and two lovely grandsons live. Our journies into Europe, back and forth to England felt marvellous and were a real adventure, especially in our early 60s. Initially, we treated it as our “gap year”, neither one of us had been to university and so had not had the opportunity to have a gap year early in our lives in order to go travelling. The whole process felt very liberating and having such a beautiful motorhome, an Autotrail Comanche with an “island bed, shower, toilet, kitchen area, and a huge lounge, made the journey on the road feel very much like being at home wherever we happened to be.

Autotrail Comanche we used to travel around Europe

Autotrail Comanche