Learn To VLOG

Video Blogging is one of the best ways to enhance your business or brand. Vlogs are incredibly powerful when it comes to reaching your audience. Your customers are searching YouTube right now for videos that answer their questions about the things you sell. In this course, I will guide you through all the things you need to start making effective videos for your business. Improve the visibility of your Business, Brand, and Products today.

About Steve Counsell

I love to share knowledge help people get the results they need from whatever they’re doing. I started running my own business back in 1988; a small printing business helping local businesses to create marketing leaflets and all sorts of stationery. That small business taught me a great deal about marketing, but it also helped me to realise that the best thing about being in business is helping people to achieve their goals.

From that printing business I migrated to offering my skills in desk top publishing and all things technology based. Today and after some 25 yers developing my ability to teach complex subjects in an easy to understand way, I am now (early 2020) launching my first “online training course”.

Over the last few years I’ve helped small businesses to market their business through new and updated websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Improved Photography, and Effective Social Media campaigns. The “Learn To Vlog like a Pro” course is my first venture into online training and will cover all the things you need to know to get you making effective vlogs that will help you make an impact on youtube and to attract a group of engaged followers.

Creating my training courses has given me the opportunity to look back at all the previous “teaching” I have done and it quickly became clear to me that I always been a teacher. My own thirst for knowledge knows no bounds and I’m always seeking out that extra bit of detail that will allow me an edge. I love teaching people how to get things done and filling the gaps in their knowledge. If there is something I don’t know or a question I can’t answer, I’ll always take the time out to do tons of research and find that solution so that I can add that to my knowledge and include that in my training session.